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File History

29.10.10 Player 1.3.0

18.10.10 Player 1.3.0b3
Bug: Improved timeline appearance
Feature: Enabled slow play (,)

9.10.10 Player 1.3.0b2
Feature: New timeline
Bug: Fixed crashes of b1 when offline in Film list
Bug: Fixed multiple downloads

29.9.10 Player 1.3.0b1
Feature: Films can now be viewed offline for the entire duration, once they have got once the key.
Bug: Deleted files do not have a download percentage any more and cannot be revealed.

2.11.09 Player 1.2.1 Release

2.11.09 Player 1.2.1b3
Performance: Test with threaded download (dropped, not ready)
Interface: Improved download statistics display.
Interface Bug: Timecode display is not cut any more

26.10.9 Player 1.2.1b2
Interface: Added graphical Download and Play buttons on each line
Bug: Fixed non stopping download
Bug: Fixed missing menu.

24.10.9 Player 1.2.1b1
Interface: Added window menu items to the Player menu
Interface: Maked place for timecode in 4:3 fullscreen
Bug: Fixed List Mix with multiple downloads
Known Issue: The Library menu item is missing. We will move alle window menu items into a menu on its own.
Known Issue: On Windows you can hardly look the film while downloading on a slower computer. We are working on moving the download into another process.
Known Issue: On some occasions, a file does not stop download even if it has 100%.

9.9.9 Player 1.2.0 Release
9.9.9 Encoder 1.2.0 Release

2.9.9 Player 1.2.0b7 Release candidate
Bug: Windows HTML Viewer files cleaned up on quit
Bug: Double click in store does now initiate download
Bug: Windows path to define film folder works (when no high-ascii characters in path)
Interface: Removed Zoom button in film window.

19.8.9 Encoder 1.2.0b1
Feature: The key is now chosen that encoded files start with the magic word "FILM"
Interface: Encode is default button

19.8.9 Player 1.2.0b6
Feature: Timecode Display
Feature: Define a Films folder
Bug: Proper error if server does not send Etag header
Bug: Labelling of icons

22.7.9 Player 1.2.0b5
Interface: Redesigned interface to neutral style, removed red colors
Bug: Fixed Browser in Windows that was not clickable
Costumization: Added default store and default start page

Paypal demo and sample code

Coupon code demo and sample code

21.7.9 Player 1.2.0b4
Bug: Removed Crash when reading some Stores
Bug: Draging a store to the film list is now also handled

Player 120b3
Interface: Library window has now a close button (easier quit for Windows user)
Interface: Resized the web browser to 380px height so it can include a 640x360 movie.
Interface: Localization English, German, French
Installation: Windows version ships with external library folder
Installation: Player updates correctly a Player 1.1 library database.
Bug: Improved Browser display.

Extranet sample code version 1.1.2
Adapted files for use with safe PHP configurations

Extranet sample code version 1.1.1
Fixed Download .film extension

Extranet sample code version 1.1
Includes support for username/password authentication within Filmkey Browser

Player 120b2
Integrated web browser to show info on films
Stores from producers
Interface: Filmkeyplayer remembers the position and size of the Library window.
Security: Enhanced security on Mac systems
Bug: Fixed Mac creator code for application

Player 110 release

Player 110b15
Bug: Fixed bug Redownload missing files possible now.

Player 110b14
Bug: Handling of URLs that return HTML
Bug: Redownload missing files possible now.

Player 110b13
Bug: Fixed wrong size label when you change download.

Player 110b12
Release Candidate
Cosmetic: Shows no time in library when not known instead of 0'
Bug: Improved Downloading and statistics

Player 110b11
Performance: Jumping nicer. It jumps directly to the keyframes.
Performance: First download is header only, there aren't any disconnections any more.

Player 110b10
Bug: Nicer Download (does not disconnect, but ask for partial content with end)

Player 110b7
Bug: Improved error reporting (fatalerror.log file).

Player 110b7
Bug: Drop of multiple files does not play them
Cosmetic: New added file is selected in file list
Interface: Added shortcuts window
Reliability: Improved download
Interface: Password is retained

Player 110b6
Interface: Double click or open the file tries directly to play it.
Interface: HTTP Status on download is displayed.
Reliability: Can ask a secondary server.
Bug: Fixed issue with duplicate client ID on Windows.
Bug: Improved download reliability.
Bug: Improved overall stability.
Bug: Fixed crash on Windows when changing timeline. (Player stops now when you set FullScreen or set Timeline)
Cosmetic: Added splash screen.

Player 110b5
Performance: Improved download on big files. Files are downloaded in chunks of about 30 MB (server must support resume and etag to do this).
Feature: Download can be resumed after restart of application.
Interface: Direct keys 0,1,2,3,F,T
Interface: Fullscreen position of film does not move when you show or hide the Timeline
Interface: Fullscreen menubar is shown when the mouse is over the menubar.
Change: Changed naming of menu Player:Show Controller to Player:Show Timeline.
Bug: Delete file does now also stop the download.

Player 110b3
Feature: Download can be resumed, as long as the application is not quit.
Interface: Stop download command-. instead of command-Z.
Interface: Better download feedback.
Cosmetic: Fixed red download line on fullscreen other than maximum sizes.
Feature: Automatic scan of the library film folder for files on startup (when you delete the library.db for example).

Player 110b2
Performance: Improved Download handling.
Interface: New menu File:Poll download
Cosmetic: Alignment of resized logo fixed.

Encoder 110 release
Includes filesize in encoding for completeness check
Player 110b1
Feature: Open URL
Feature: Library with Download Manager to organize files and to download immediately, stop download and download again
Feature: Play partially downloaded videos from 1% of the download (if the underlying movies are progressive).
Feature: Downloaded files on a fixed location in Movies folder (Mac) or Document folder (Windows)
Feature: URL convention to allow direct username/password authentication (will be documented soon)
Feature: Double size
Feature: Page Up and Page Down keys (+-5 minutes)
Performance: Better performance of the player
Interface: Faster feedback when network is not available
Change: Poster Frame is temporarily disabled. Maybe integrated in the library window along with a description or a html section.
Known Issue: Resume download is not possible. It does start over.

Encoder 101 release
Bug: Fixed memory leak on big files

Encoder 100 release
New: Version Control of Encoder
Bug: Textencoding on titles corrected

Player 100 release
New: Version Control of Player
New: Screenshot disabling
New: Poster Frame
Windows: Added Registry Entry for .film
Bug: Textencoding on titles corrected
Interface: Menu commands like Quicktime Player: Half Size, Actual Size, Full Screen.

Player 100b7
Bug: Player shows the title of the film in the window title bar also when it is opened a second time.
Bug: Drop of unsupported file format files is now handled.
Bug: Statusline improved
Bug: Resizing improved
Interface: New menus: File:Rent movie, Player: Original Size, Player: Show Controller, Player: ShowInfo
Interface: Unavailable menu items are disabled
Interface: Rent dialog redesigned
Interface: Movie opens now at original size
Interface: Rent movie button changes to Check Status when clicked.
Interface: Check Status is automatic when you reactivate the window.
Interface: Hide cursor in Full Screen mode.

Player Mac 100b6
Player Win 100b6
Encoder 100b6