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Information for users

Filmkey Player allows you to view films protected with Filmkey DRM on both Macintosh and Windows computers.

Important note: Apple stopped to support QuickTime for Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is not advised to use Filmkey Player on these platforms.

Minimal specifications:

Older configurations may work for some films, but are not officially supported. films can be viewed only on the free Filmkey Player application.

How to use Filmkey Player

  1. Launch Filmkey Player. A window called Library opens.
  2. Go to our Showcase and drag one of the Download links to the Library Window.
  3. Filmkey Player starts to download the film. After 1% download, you can double click the line to view the film.
  4. A dialog asks you if you want to rent the film. Click the "Rent on Website" button.
  5. You will be directed to our website of the film producer. In the case of our Showcase, enter the username "test" and the password "743".
  6. Go back to Filmkey Player, double click the film line again and you can view the film.

Alternatively, you can also download the file from the Web-Browser and open the file from the Filmkey Player.

Where are the files?

Filmkey Player installs a "filmkey" folder in the Movies folder (Mac) respectively in the Documents folder (Windows) of the user. The filmkey folder contains a library database (library.db) and a folder with the films you download through Filmkey Player. The files you add with the Open File Menu remain at the place you have saved them.

Can I view offline without Internet connection?

With version 1.3 of Filmkey Player, you can view the film also without Internet connection during the rental. You need to open it once with Internet connection to get the key. The play button in the browser changes then to green. As long as the play button is green, you can play the movie.


Filmkey Player is provided as Freeware. We do not provide support directly for users. Please contact the provider of the film if you have problems to read a file. You can however leave us a bug report directly from within the application.


When you view the film, two parameters are stored on the Filmkey server: Your IP-number and an unique ID which is created for your computer. This unique ID is oneway encrypted and it is not possible to reverse-identify your computer or you. Its only purpose is to create a license which is unique to your computer.