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Frequently asked Questions

If a client buys the film file, can he play it only on the PC where he bought the file or could he play it on other PC or Mac.

The client rents a file, he does not buy it. The system is built for renting, not for download to own.The producer gives a license for a certain period. Of course he producer can define a very long period as for example ten years.

The license does only work on the computer where the client was renting it initially. To ensure this, the Filmkey player creates an unique and anonyme client ID for each computer.

If the client updates the computer, reinstalls the system or changes the computer, the client needs a new license. So if the producer plans to rent it for a very long period, the producer must later provide a replacement license.

Does the client IP affect in any way the rights of the user, because most IPs are dynamic?

No. When the client rents a film, the IP is indeed recorded and transmitted from the Filmkey server to the producer, so that the producer can track errors and misuse of the licenses. However, the IP is not involved in the creation of the client ID, so the film is also playable if the IP has changed.

If the client plays the film file, is it necessary to have an internet connection?

Each time the client opens a film file, an internet connection is needed to get the decryption key. The key is not stored in the computer. Once the film file is open, the internet connection is not needed any more.

Do you sell the server application?

No. The film files are completely encrypted and contain no visible metadata. This implies that a central server is needed and its address is hard-coded into the Filmkey player application.

What happens if you dont provide the service anymore?

Belle Nuit Montage is now online for more than 10 years and is online for more than 4 years. We do not plan to go offline.

The service is currently scaled to issue about 50'000 licenses per day and it can be easily be upscaled.

If we should stop the service, we will provide the source code of the server and the player to the registered producers. However, each producer needs then to modify the Filmkey player so that it works with his server.

This said, the risk for the producer is small as long as he keeps copies of the original files. The encryption is a very fast process and he pays only for the licenses he wants to serve. There is no setup fee or monthly fee for the service.