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Terms of use

  1. The service is provided as is. We make our effort to get the best reasonable protection possible for the average user, but knowing that no DRM scheme is not breakable. For example, the enduser may still play the movie full frame and use the analogue monitor output to record the movie.
  2. We cannot guarantee that an encoded movie is playable on a client computer. Several reasons might make it impossible like: quicktime codec not available on the client computer or computational overhead of the protection.
  3. You are only responsible for the content you are encoding. You are responsible that the content does not infringe any laws and that you have all the copy rights needed to provide the movie as DRM
  4. does only provide the license to read the movie. It does not check regional restrictions. The server provides you the IP-number of the client so you can check the region yourself.
  5. You are not allowed to reverse-engineer or modify our software or use any other methods to decode the key and the key algorithms.
  6. We may have to enhance the security of the encryption and of the server integration at any moment. This can have as consequence the need to download a new player or encoder application or even the reencoding of the media files.
  7. You can terminate the account at any moment.
  8. We may change the terms of use. The last terms published on the webserver are the valid terms.

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