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This page will show example applications of Filmkey. Download first the Filmkey Player to view the films.

Facts about Film
Prelinger Archives 256Kb MPEG4
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Testchart PAL
The Testchart of Belle Nuit Montage (uncompressed still image)
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Beta Test of the Video on Demand site of shop for swiss films VOD

Sample PHP server for extranet (producers can download the code)
filmkey Extranet VOD builds a Video on Demand platform for the Swiss Film Academy
The swiss film seller is about to build a Video on Demand (VOD) platform for the Swiss Film Academy. Within a few weeks, 150 fiction films, documentaries and short films have been digitized in DVD quality and put online for the members of the Swiss Film Academy. The will be about 7000 viewings, so one can speak of the most important online event on Swiss Films that have ever been made.
The Swiss Film Academy is composed by personnalities of the Swiss Cinema and makes this year for the first time proposals for the Nomination for the Swiss Film Prize. The Video on Demand platform allows the members to view the films they could not see in the movie theatre or at a festival. The nominations will be published during the Solothurn Film Festival in January. is a major seller of swiss films over Internet and has more than 1000 DVDs in the catalogue. Starting from September 2008, proposes now also films over Video on Demand.
Video on Demand is a technology that allows people to download films from the Internet and to view them on the computer. developped inhouse the technology to encrypt the movies. is the only encryption solution on the market that works for both Macintosh and Windows computers.
Schweizer Filmakademie

Note that the quality is the compression quality of the original film. The Filmkey encoding does not recompress the film.